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  • 03/14/14--11:41: Daydream
  • Comments appreciated. Please respect the model.


  • 03/14/14--11:24: This f*cking jacket :D
  • I was small shopping with DayDaisy and he found this jacket. And it was just 14e and I just had to buy it. And it fit with my fedora i got from TheMorbidLawyer last year for my birthday present. Aaah, love it so much! Excuse me for puting a selfie here, this isn't facebook, i know.. Haha. 

    Ugh, i could have put my shoes on xD but it was the jacket i wanted to show you.


    "I won't give up because I am Naruto Uzumaki! I'm the son of the Fourth Hokage! I won't die until I become a bigger badass than my dad!"

    This isn't based on any particular scene, but I imagined the spirit of Minato at Naruto's side when his indomitable determination allows him to stand up from yet another beatdown; and he still has enough energy to yell at his opponent about why he won't lose. Whether or not Naruto can sense it, Minato places his hand on his son's shoulder and he thinks of Kushina. "Kushina, I hope you can see how our son has grown. And how much he came to be like you. You truly are his mother."

    series: Naruto Shippuden
    :iconbehindinfinity: Jin - Naruto Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze
    :camera: photos by Reskiy and Happy-Hario 


    I am my own fatherrrrrrrrrr

    Aah, my two favorite ninjas! I have for so long wanted a Naruto and Minato father and son photo, but of course on most occasions I can only choose to be one or the other. And then I learned Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! :laughing:

    Thanks for looking!

    If you're interested, I post more constant updates on Facebook and Tumblr!…


  • 03/14/14--11:22: The Ramble Seat AMX
  • 1966 AMC AMX/1 Vignale Prototype

    More of this concept car: The First AMC Muscle Car by KyleAndTheClassics AMX Number 1 by KyleAndTheClassics Conceptual Interior by KyleAndTheClassics

    World of Wheels Calgary 2013, Calgary.


  • 03/14/14--12:18: The Abyss
  • .

    If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.
    Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he doesnt become a monster.

    Om man tittar tillräckligt länge ned i en avgrund, kommer avgrunden att titta tillbaka in i dig.
    Den som kämpar mot monster bör se till att han inte i processen själv blir ett monster.

    Friedrich Nietzsche 

    Nedre Kärr, Sweden.


  • 03/14/14--14:10: cool blonde

  • thumbnail



  • 03/14/14--17:58: Unusual Trio
  • Ha! I managed to upload something today aswell.
    Having time really makes me unproductive. And this sketch is really messy compared to the others.
    This time it's Sorex hanging out with his....step-dad? I guess called Dunraz, and his own foundling Pedro (the little guy hanging on his horn)
    So in a way we've got 3 generations right here.
    It's young!Sorex but he's already had his first hunt (he has Pedro after all) so he does have his scars already.
    And yes that's an origami dragon. It was  not made by me. In the next foto I'll put it on it's side so you can see it completely c:

    All species, characters and art are mine.


  • 03/14/14--14:43: Who's that
  • damn, he's handsome isn't he.

    Yes of course he is! *proud mama heavy scream* He's my new baby. I got that Miho head on the event that Migidoll made selling heads for only $80. I couldn't let that chance go.

    He isn't finished yet. He still needs his eyes, better face-up and body. But he looks fine for now.

    Daniel is a Miho from Migidoll


  • 03/14/14--11:56: fokus

    This is my girlfirends eye, you find here dA page here:



  • 03/14/14--13:31: The Colour of Souls

    Yes, that does mean this is a photo. 
    My grandmother collects crystal decorations and hangs them in her windows. I slept over at her house, and when I woke up in the morning, the dawn light showered the inside of her house with hundreds of tiny rainbows. I was walking around when one hit me in the eye, bright and blinding. My grandma saw it and told me I should take a picture. I took quite a few, and the result was glorious and beautiful. 
    These are all self portraits, and un manipulated photos. 

    Similar Work

    The Colour of Souls by TalesOfNightWing Shock by TalesOfNightWing Unearthly by TalesOfNightWing Eye of the Phoenix by TalesOfNightWing Crystal Rain by TalesOfNightWing Hawk Eye by TalesOfNightWing 



  • 03/14/14--12:20: Code Geass
  • cosplay by Beemonya and :icondaisukedano:
    photo by :iconpugoffka-sama:


  • 03/14/14--14:02: 288
  • Ferrari 288 GTO


  • 03/14/14--12:39: Sora
  • Japanese sora is sky in English I looked up in the air.The white cloud stands out against the blue sky.

    Smile by marustagram Lovely Blanket by marustagram Relax by marustagram Green by marustagram It's cold outside by marustagram 


  • 03/14/14--13:47: Red and White
  • :heart: Welcome To My Easy To Enter Giveaway :heart:
    All you have to do to enter is fave this deviation.
    That's it!
    Five winners will get 20 :points: each!
    Good luck to all.

    For F.A.Q.'s on why I do these giveaways go here: lashellevalentine.deviantart.c…


  • 03/14/14--12:21: wind

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  • 03/14/14--12:33: 12

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  • 03/14/14--15:39: Darkest Ending
  • Watching as the day fade into darkness...

    Copyright 8 by Th3EmOo


  • 03/14/14--12:31: Red Burgundy
  • Pre-Preview of my Monday release on .Yes I'm spoiling you right now! These boots are so cute!
    Top by: Creation Sis
    Legging by: Polymorphe


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